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Dr. Maya Faison

Dr. Maya M. Faison, an accomplished visionary and strategist, holds the prestigious role of Founder and CEO at the Bugg Consulting Group, LLC. With an impressive track record spanning nearly two decades, Dr Faison's expertise lies in leading comprehensive strategy formulation, fostering non-profit organizational growth, and pioneering initiatives that embody the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).


Dr. Faison's illustrious career journey includes high-level policy consultancy for the U.S. Department of Education and executive leadership roles for various education policy and support organizations. She is adept at providing start-up support and infrastructure design, underlining her versatility and adaptability in different operational contexts. 

In her previous role, she channeled her expertise into a dual role as the head of a statewide education policy organization, advocating for quality public charter schools and providing consulting services to diverse clients nationwide. Her client base includes major for-profit corporations and non-profit entities, where she drives strategy, mentors leaders, and designs insightful qualitative and quantitative research to bridge the gap between intention and action. 

Dr. Faison's previous roles saw her assuming responsibility for strategic growth, financial resilience, and regional partner acquisition. Her leadership dramatically expanded each organization's reach and attracted significant partner investment, reflecting her business acumen and persuasive communication skills.


She has orchestrated successful collaborations with state legislators, government agencies, LEAs, CMOs, private partners, and community organizations to advance strategic initiatives. Dr. Faison’s reputation as a consummate leader, collaborator, and catalyst for organizational success is widely recognized in her professional circles. 


Additionally, Dr. Faison excels in leadership development, executive coaching, fellowship design, and facilitation. She has guided numerous professionals on their leadership paths, conceived and launched DEI-centered programs, facilitated ERGs within national for-profit companies, facilitated DEI sessions for over a thousand participants, and designed leadership fellowship programs nationwide. 


Adding to her list of distinguished achievements, Dr. Faison is an alumnus of the renowned Aspen-Pahara Fellowship and Leadership Tennessee. Her expertise remains highly sought after, leading to invitations to serve on various local, state, and national committees and boards. 


Dr. Faison holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, an Ed.M. from Harvard University, and an Ed.D. in Leadership, Policy & Organizations from Vanderbilt University, reflecting a solid academic foundation that underpins her professional excellence. 

Dr. Faison is married to Dr. John Faison, Sr. She is the proud mother of three biological children (Adderley, Ellington, & Morgan), and three bonus adult children (John, Jr., Ajah, Jaden).

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